Iridology is a diagnostic method via analysis of the iris; no two irises are the same — much like a fingerprint

Iridology reveals the constitution and predispositions of a person, which means being able to determine the kinds of health patterns that you are likely to develop during your life, and by implication, what you can do about them specific to you. While uncovering our weaknesses it also highlights our strengths and greatest attributes.

The purpose of iridology is to use it as a guide, back to your pathway to health. Giving unique information on your genetic make up.

In order to give a reading, photos will be taken of the eyes using a specialist iriscope camera. They will the be analysed and explained in the follow up consultation.

‘Is it possible that the hereditary patterns of our ancestors have left genetic markers embedded deep within the fibres of our irises, waiting to surface at significant moments in our lives?’

Andrew mason

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