A conversation with your body

Kinesiology is the therapeutic use of muscle testing, which has proven to be a gentle, effective natural therapy that supports the growth and change in all areas of life.

What is muscle testing?
And what is its purpose?

Muscle testing can also be referred to as Neuro-muscular biofeedback. It is the way a kinesiologist places pressure on a muscle in order to receive a response from the client’s nervous system, to access information from the unconscious body.

The body will supply information that is beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the individual who is being tested.  For example uncovering nutritional status, food allergies, structural, electrical, muscle and hormone imbalances as well as mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Which is a defining feature, for if one is off so is the other.

The body is a complete system, therefore when fixing the underlying cause of dis-ease or disharmony, it ignites a cascade in the body back to a state of equilibrium. That root cause can be structural, emotional, physical or spiritual and your body will inform the kinesiologist of the source.

For example a patient comes in depressed, stressed and anxious, on testing, it’s found that the predominant trigger is nutritional. Specifically due to a Vitamin B deficiency, weeks later having been prescribed the specific vitamin Bs the client tested for, the client suddenly reacts less to stress and stressful situations and is happy, joyful and able to focus once again. Sometimes it can be that simple.

This innate intelligence of the body that is tapped into during a kinesiology session, gives comfort in knowing that the wisdom we need to heal in life is always within us and accessible at any moment.

Naturopathy and kinesiology is about the pursuit of truth and understanding, with the power to neutralise stress and heal from the core of our being.

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There is hope for each of us, and the planet as a whole, the way ahead is together. Let’s make the paradigm shift. When you change yourself, you change the world around you.