Gut Restore


A natural herbal bowel stimulant that will tone and cleanse the digestive tract as well as aiding regularity. The Gut Revive will help to eliminate the stored toxins as well as those that have been trapped in your body’s intestinal walls and keep you feeling lighter and brighter.


Key Ingredients

Burdock root supports liver function, stimulates bile flow, helps release and absorb toxins. Red raspberry leaf tightens and tones the gut lining. Agrimony is a stimulating tonic for liver and gallbladder ducts and mucus membranes, promoting the removal of toxins from the bowel and blood.


How to use/ when to take

Start the reset by taking these for 2 days before you begin the toxin binding powder to find your ideal dosage for having bowel movements.

Start taking on day 1 for the next 7 days of the reset. Take 1-10 capsules in the evening before bed. Keep them by your bedside table so you remember to take them. It is vital to keep the bowels moving so do not miss a dose!


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