Hepato Protector – Liver Detoxifier


A formula to promote the regeneration of liver cells and protect them against the every day poisons we persist on putting in our body, like that moment of malteaser’s, or the evenings of Champagne. This will Hepato-protect AND eliminate harmful contaminants. Energise your body on a cellular level.


Key Ingredients

Wood betony strengthens the solar plexus, calms and grounds an overheated liver. Milk thistle; A Cheif liver herb remedying the affects of oxidative stress. Blessed thistle is a sacred sister to Milk. thistle named after St. Benedictus, the patron saint of antidotes, it was thought to be a gift from God during the bubonic plague in the middle ages and acts as a liver, digestive and immune tonic.


How to use/ when to take

Take 5ml daily

Take throughout the reset in the evening before bed with your Gut Restore or Revive capsules.

Additional information

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