Jing Gong Immune Tonic Tea


Jing is your essence which comes from your kidneys. This tea promotes kidney health and in doing so supports your vital essence. These herbs help flush, clean and dissolve deposits from your kidneys and bladder. They also keep blood healthy and maintain normal blood sugar, which helps every organ in your body to work better.


Key Ingredients

Nettle seed revitalises the kidney’s, invigorating your Jing essence. It stimulates bile flow, increases the removal of uric acid and cleanses your blood, cleansing your cells. Goldenrod is a hero for the kidneys helping support detoxification. Echinacea is a critical immune boosting herb and improves resistance to life.


How to use/ when to take

Add 1 tbsp of the dried herbs. to a loose-leaf tea infuser or coffee press and pour on 700ml of boiling water. Let the herbs steep for 11 minutes or more.

Drink this tea everyday during the reset. Have a big cup in the AM and why not make more for the flask and drink throughout the day. Enjoy each cleansing sip, its your herbal treat!

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