Metabolic Activator


This is a spicy addition to the reset that will get your metabolism firing on all cylinders, raising your energy and raising your game!


Key Ingredients:

Cayenne; The the purest of all known stimulants, a potent herb that acts with force. Long known for its metabolic enhancement effects. It is extremely body cleansing and a circulatory tonic, bringing blood to vital organs- optimising their activity. Turmeric is powerfully anti-inflammatory, it increases basal metabolic rate as well as promoting overall health and uplifting the mood. While also well-known for its liver dredging qualities by removing toxins from the body that are a hand-brake to your health. Coleus forskolii lipolysis stimulator, thyroid hormone release stimulator, mood elevator.


How to use/ when to take

Add 1-5 drops or more to your citrus water every morning.

This little tincture is a powerhouse of energy. If the citrus flush does not appeal, you can still add drops of this to your water throughout the day.

Additional information

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