Toxin Binder


A gentle, bulk-forming powder able to absorb toxic sludge, heavy metals, and excess fatty acids from the depths of the intestinal walls and allowing them to exit safely via the bowel.


Key Ingredients

Psyllium seed husks are absorbing fibres that scrub intestinal walls, move toxins and materials through the colon. Apple pectin binds fatty acids and triglycerides blocking their absorption from the gut. Bentonite clay formed from volcanic ash is an powerful magnet that draws toxins to itself, adsorbing more than 50x its own weight in toxic matter! Ginger root sparks your digestive fire, helping to alleviate stomach discomfort and bloating.


How to use & when to take

The toxin binding powder is the foundation of the reset. Mix 1 teaspoon (5g) with 300ml water and drink quickly. Follow by drinking another 300ml of water.

Start taking on day 3 of the reset for five days. The toxin binding powder should be taken four times a day away from meals and pills.

Additional information

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